Monday, November 30, 2015

Things to remember

I remember a year ago opening up my call, and not even remembering where Chile was located on a map

I remember arriving at airport at 5 AM and having my flight to the Mexico (Missionary Training Center) be canceled

I remember the night I met Elder Nielson, that goofball

I remember thinking that the MTC would be a lot like the mission

I remember my first day in Chile and not being able to understand anyone

I remember the day when we had more less actives and investigators in church than active members. 

I remember the days we walked around Frutillar and coming home exhausted

I remember the success we had because of our exact obedience 

I remember saying goodbye to Elder Ryan with tears in my eyes

I remember the fear I felt when I received my transfer to Punta Arenas in the middle of winter, when Frutillar was already too cold. 

I remember listening to the howling wind and fearing to go outside

I remember the days we just knocked doors

I remember the cold nights

I remember meeting and teaching so many people

I remember thinking it would all be so easy, like a walk in the park, that it would be 2 years of fun, that I was spiritually prepared, and that I was truly converted

I remember when I gave up all I had, and gave it to the Lord. 

With Love,
Elder Haddad

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