Monday, January 25, 2016

Getting up to Speed

Dear family and friends, 

One of the families we have been teaching is an interesting story. These people are so genuine and caring, but the situation is just so ironic. We have an investigator that is preparing to be baptized, her name is Isidora, we have seen such a progress in her reading and learning about the gospel. Her father's name is "John the Baptist", how that came about...I really don't know. Her father is a less active member of the church who we have been activating with the help of his daughter Isidora. We have really seen a change in this family and how the gospel has made them closer. Photo of them to come! 

Things that happened this week: 
  • For the first time in almost a year I got to see my companion from the Missionary Training Center in Mexico, Elder Nielson. I missed that big guy. 
  • We got a new companion, Elder Wertner, who is from California - he had even lived in Pleasanton for a time. He's on a basketball scholarship at UC Irvine. 
  • I'm getting transferred to a different sector. 
  • We bought sushi to celebrate, the missionary on the right is Elder Shobe will be my new companion.
Next week we have 20 missionaries coming in and 30 leaving. Which means a lot of running around for us. This next week is going to fly by! 

Love you guys!
Elder Haddad

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Tempest is Raging

Seeing what you know through a new perspective changes how you think. This week went by extremely fast, and though there were many hiccups, we still got the work done. I've come to the conclusion that patience is the most important tool you can develop. As we looked over our busy weekly schedule, all you can really do is organize and prepare for the storm. Through the assignment that I currently have, I have been able to gain a new perspective as to what makes missionary work effective. Even though it is a lot of work, it is all so incredibly organized and works fluidly.

Call it nerdy but in my personal study of the scriptures I even found a relation to this. In the 8th chapter of 3 Nephi, the people are facing the consequences of their wickedness. They were told for many years of the Lord´s coming, but their negligence prevented them from believing. The sign the Lord gave them was a great storm, even until the sun went black. Sometimes when we let all of our work get piled up, it seems that the sun isn't going to come up the next day. The chapter concludes with the regretful cries of the people, if only we had repented. If only we had prepared more. That is the spiritual thought of the week. Thanks for all those who take the time to read this, I really do appreciate it.
Attached is a photo of some copper artwork.

Elder Haddad

Monday, January 4, 2016

3 Cows

Today I want to introduce my new companions! We have Elder Medina, great photo, I know, I took it. Elder Medina is from Corodoba, Argentina, he comes from a family of all members. He recently fractured his leg, and was with crutches for the past month, but as of last week he got the cast off. Elder Medina talks in Vosotros, which is very different haha, but we have a lot of laughs around the office and in the house. He has a gift for sewing, I´m not sure where it came from, but he can sew really well. 

Next we have Elder Diaz. He´s from Mexico, he is the only member of his family. Elder Diaz is the father of our companionship, he calls everyone hijo (son), and he likes cooking for all of us. I learned from Elder Diaz that nerdiness transfers over through cultures, he likes to talk a lot about Dungeons and Dragons. He also knows English, which he learned by playing Zelda. 

I don´t think I have ever laughed so much in my mission. The days have never gone by faster. Osorno is a great place to be, and the weather has been really nice. Happy new year to everyone! 


Elder Haddad