Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A little Update from the land of Pan and Perros

This week's email is all photos.

Elder Nielsen my former MTC Companion

Ice Cream!

Osorno at night

Our apartment

Elder Brogdon from Provo, Utah

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Haddad

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Coincidences Don´t Exist

This week Elder Shobe and I had a pretty awesome experience. We went to go and contact one of our references that just so happened to live pretty close to our house. We had put this guy, Mauricio, on our plans for like a solid week and every time we went by, there was nobody there. No light in the house and no one every answered the door. On Tuesday we decided to go by for the last time, and if he wasn't there, we were just going to take him off the list. We went by right before we were going to head in to go and plan...but this time there was light in the house. We knocked the door and this lady answered the door, we asked for Mauricio, but he wasn't there. This lady looks at us and is like, its cold, do you want to come in. OF COURSE. Boom we get in the house and she is like I think I know you guys. Neither Elder Shobe nor I remembered contacting her before, so I didn't know what this lady was talking about. We asked where she had seen us and she said in Ovejeria. 

When she said that, it all came back to me. 6 months ago in Ovejeria Elder Shobe and I, along with the other Elders had started English Classes. This lady, Karina, and her husband Mauricio had come to those English classes. I remember teaching them about fruits and vegetables and then we passed the reference to the elders in Rahue where they lived. 

Never did Elder Shobe or I think that we would get put back in the same place where they live. There is definitely a reason why we were put back together as companions and why we are here. 

On Friday we went back to teach them about the Book of Mormon. We had such a great and spiritual lesson, it was fantastic! We are really excited for them! 

Elder Haddad

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Elder Haddad Turns 20

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and sorry for not writing a letter this week. But I do have a good experience. The travel department from Santiago came down to come and train Elder McArthur on the visas. The last time they came down they had promised Elder Shobe and I lunch out, but we never took them up on the offer. This time we definitely took advantage. They took us to a 4 star hotel here in Osorno and we chose some Italian restuatrant.  I was looking at the menu and I thought it said cerdo..which means pork. I thought it was pork stroganoff.. Which is like meat sauce with gravy and pasta.. sounds pretty good...There's no way you can get that one wrong. I had misread the menu and it said ciervo, which means deer. So I ended up with a deer stroganoff. But instead of noodles it had raw onions and pickles. It was sooo gross, but something I will never forget! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

The new sheriff

We had a really funny week.

So yesterday in church one of my companions gave his first talk ever. Elder Jarman is just ending his training, a picture will be attached of him below, and he was assigned to talk on missionary work. He prepares this great talk with all kinds of jokes he especially was trying to make fun of me in the talk. He said, “Elder Haddad had to leave a lot of things behind to come on the mission, his family, college, a girl, and even his hair.” Trying to make some type of balding joke when everyone knows I just hold the record for the highest hairline in the world. Anyway, nobody laughs or understands the joke. Then Elder Jarman says, “thanks to the mission I am a better person.” In Spanish it would be, “gracias a esta misión, soy una persona mejor”. But Elder Jarman says “soy una mujer” which means, “I`m a woman”. Hahaha that joke got plenty of laughs, the whole room was crying. Probably won't ever forget that, he earned a new nickname too, Hermanita Jarman.

In other news, I'm getting changed assignments, I'm now the “comisario” which means Sheriff. Watch out! Basically I am the housing and materials administrator, anything that has to do with pamphlets or rents, ect. I'm back with Elder Shobe and still finishing the training of Elder McArthur my replacement. The MacArthur's are a matrimony couple that got to the mission 2 weeks ago. They are from St. George. Pictures to follow. 

The MacArthur's
Elder Jarman

It says, "Never let the true feeling die"