Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Elder Haddad Turns 20

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and sorry for not writing a letter this week. But I do have a good experience. The travel department from Santiago came down to come and train Elder McArthur on the visas. The last time they came down they had promised Elder Shobe and I lunch out, but we never took them up on the offer. This time we definitely took advantage. They took us to a 4 star hotel here in Osorno and we chose some Italian restuatrant.  I was looking at the menu and I thought it said cerdo..which means pork. I thought it was pork stroganoff.. Which is like meat sauce with gravy and pasta.. sounds pretty good...There's no way you can get that one wrong. I had misread the menu and it said ciervo, which means deer. So I ended up with a deer stroganoff. But instead of noodles it had raw onions and pickles. It was sooo gross, but something I will never forget! 

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