Monday, June 6, 2016

The new sheriff

We had a really funny week.

So yesterday in church one of my companions gave his first talk ever. Elder Jarman is just ending his training, a picture will be attached of him below, and he was assigned to talk on missionary work. He prepares this great talk with all kinds of jokes he especially was trying to make fun of me in the talk. He said, “Elder Haddad had to leave a lot of things behind to come on the mission, his family, college, a girl, and even his hair.” Trying to make some type of balding joke when everyone knows I just hold the record for the highest hairline in the world. Anyway, nobody laughs or understands the joke. Then Elder Jarman says, “thanks to the mission I am a better person.” In Spanish it would be, “gracias a esta misión, soy una persona mejor”. But Elder Jarman says “soy una mujer” which means, “I`m a woman”. Hahaha that joke got plenty of laughs, the whole room was crying. Probably won't ever forget that, he earned a new nickname too, Hermanita Jarman.

In other news, I'm getting changed assignments, I'm now the “comisario” which means Sheriff. Watch out! Basically I am the housing and materials administrator, anything that has to do with pamphlets or rents, ect. I'm back with Elder Shobe and still finishing the training of Elder McArthur my replacement. The MacArthur's are a matrimony couple that got to the mission 2 weeks ago. They are from St. George. Pictures to follow. 

The MacArthur's
Elder Jarman

It says, "Never let the true feeling die"

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