Monday, November 9, 2015

The Miracle House

Last week I left a short message that we moved, we actually had a pretty interesting experience of how we found the house. The missionaries in Estrecho have been trying to move out of the old house for years. It got pretty cold in the house with the really poor construction. Now I don´t want to complain, but it was not enjoyable in that house. We looked and looked and looked, and found nothing. The sector seemed impossible to find anything that would fit our budget. Our sector is sandwiched between downtown and a university, we also are on the coast, so the houses can be a bit more expensive for the location. After touring about 2 houses and looking in the newspaper daily, we finally found a house one day doing contacts. 

We called the owner and he agreed to meet with us within the next couple of days. When we entered the house we saw a well constructed, spacious house with plenty of light, but best of all, heaters! We toured the whole house and because it was a little expensive, I was wary. Elder Weyand told me, "Elder Haddad this is our house, did you see the hint?" The hint? I had no idea what he was talking about. Only seconds later did I realize that the only remaining item from the previous owners was a little pass along card of Jesus Christ. A very old, sun damaged card from our church that had been wedged at the top of the door frame for years. Now I thought that was pretty dang cool, and somehow we were able to speed up the process in move into the new house in the following two weeks. 

Love to all,
Elder Haddad
We did a lip-syncing activity this week in the church. Big success!
Elder Weyand and I lip-synced and danced to Cotton-Eye Joe.

Seminary teacher of Estrecho, Bishop, daughter of the Bishop,
and our ward mission leader performing YMCA.

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