Monday, November 23, 2015

Painting the Ghost House

Things are going great here in Estrechito. The summer feels just like winter. 

Over the past couple weeks we have been pretty busy, and time just flies when you are busy. As I shared a couple weeks ago, we moved houses. We kind of ran into a hiccup, when the owner of the house came by to inspect the damages. Her name is Ema, she is a nice lady, also willing to offer us her TV to watch and cigarettes...even though we don´t watch TV or smoke. We ran into some problems as there were some items of the house that were missing...obviously over the years and the many missionaries things get damaged and stuff gets lost. Claiming the missionaries had damaged her perfect home, she basically wants the church to pay for the problems of her house. Thankfully there is this poor little missionary in the office that has to deal with problems like these, he had some fun talking to our landlord. Elder Weyand and I hadn´t broken or damaged anything, and it turns out that the previous missionaries hadn´t either. The house was rented with a host of problems, and Ema had just claimed that the missionaries had caused the damages. Sometimes even though it is unfair, or unjust, we can still help the situation. Elder Weyand and I offered to paint the house as part of cleaning it up. What I have realized is that when someone has a problem, it´s better to just take a step back and breathe. Though subtle, I hope this can leave a good impression on the landlord of the missionaries. 

Attached are some great photos, the first is Elder Weyand bringing the Book of Mormon to the Chilean people. The second one is me painting, if it looks like I know what I´m are mistaken. Elder Weyand paints, I supervise. 

Love, Elder Haddad

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