Monday, November 2, 2015

El Tío

You are now looking at the proud new owner of "El Tío" fastfood truck. I have decided that the Lord has called me to serve the people of Chile fried foods instead of the gospel.  (Just kidding!)

More to come next week, but quick updates: We are moving houses this week, Elder Weyand and I are together for another transfer here in Estrecho, and it snowed today in case you were wondering.
Love, your favorite missionary, Elder Haddad. 

I thought I would share part of his email to me:

Ughh mom, not going to lie I'm a bit frustrated I'm going to be here for another transfer. That's 6 months in a ward that has 30 members...and 3 of them are moving out. We have had investigators coming, but man this place is getting to me. Elder Weyand and I are staying another 6 weeks together, and I just hope it goes by fast.  I know there is a purpose for all of this and for why I'm still here, it's just hard to come to terms with. I feel like I want to move on, progress, and grow, and I feel like I can't in this sector...but the Lord never asks us to do easy things. I will be knocking every single door 4 times now, talking with the same people for the 4th time. I just hope it goes by fast...but besides that, we had a good week. We had a devotional, and we are also going to move houses within the next week. Hopefully life will be better at the new house.

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