Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Santa really is real!

In Chile, Christmas is really celebrated the 24th at midnight. That is when all the kids open up the presents, and honestly I like the tradition better. Less waiting. But anyway, we had our Christmas dinner with one of the members and counted down to midnight playing UNO. Santa is supposed to come by at midnight and drop all the gifts under the tree, when the kids all run to the windows to look for his sleigh, the gifts magically appear under the tree. No need to put out milk or cookies or anything, the viejito pascuero comes on his own will. 

Honestly I had some low expectations for Christmas, I thought it would just be a normal day. We headed to the office to work and well the majority of the day passed by until our Ward Mission Leader came by to bring us a gift. I was thinking yea some chocolate or something small, but the only thing he showed up with was a dang flash drive. I already have a flash drive, so I wasn't really getting too pumped up for anything special. He then opens up this video on the flash drive and we start watching some apostle talk about how they assign missionaries to missions around the world. Then all of a sudden there is a video of Elder Diaz´s family saying hi to him, and then Elder Medina, and then my own family pops up on that screen and I couldn't believe it! I had just gotten to this sector a week ago, the ward mission leader didn't even know my first name. I have to say this was one of the greatest surprises I have had, a Christmas miracle. To have a stranger contact my family and for them to record a Christmas greeting, truly was a great surprise. It seems so simple and so small, but truly that was the greatest gift I could have received, being able to see my family. 

Pictures to come! 
Elder Haddad

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