Monday, December 14, 2015

Elder Haddad: World´s greatest gift giver

This week we had a white elephant activity with the ward. We tried our best to explain the concept but people didn´t really understand the funny gifts. Some of the gifts included paper earrings, a funnel, a rolling pin, a salt shaker, and some other interesting items. We tried to explain that it was something fun, but kind of lame gifts. Having received makeup for the last couple years, I tried to give good examples of gifts the members could bring so that there would be some fun gifts...they didn´t really seem to get it. 

Attached is the gift that I made, very useful, the portable shower! Ohh that gift got snatched quick, haha the logo says "even if you wake up late, you can shower on the bus" 

In other news, I'm heading on up to Osorno for my new sector. I will be trained as the new Secretary of the Mission. My flight leaves Wednesday. 

Talk to you guys next week! 

Elder Haddad

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