Monday, August 10, 2015

Nobody Left Behind

First off I want to thank all those that have sent me e-mails. I truly wish I could respond to all of them, even thought I can't, I do read every single one. Thank you all for your support and love. We had a week of finding new people here, we met some very interesting people. A Colombian, a scientist, we even had a lesson with a cocaine addict. Interesting week, interesting people. 

The highlight was the baptism of Jorge's wife, Isabel. Though I didn't get a good picture, it was surely a special day. She even shared her testimony of how she came to know that all this is true. It has been such a pleasure getting to know this family and seeing them grow in the gospel. This week's email is short, but it's because I physically cannot accurately describe how amazing it is to be a missionary. Though it's hard, the work of salvation is rewarding. I am a witness that changes are possible in everyone, I've seen it in myself. Thank you for everyone that helped me get to where I am, this church is everything to me, and these last two years have been the greatest years in all of my life. 

I love you all, 
Elder Haddad

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