Monday, August 17, 2015

Elder Haddad and the Mexican Cartel

Had an interesting experience this week, we were knocking doors, and knocked this house that didn't looked like it was occupied. It didn't look like anyone had lived there for some time, but as we approached the door, we saw some people inside. There was about 4 or so people moving around inside, and we knocked. The door was answered by this man with very tan skin and a turtleneck, we told him that we were offering home blessings and would like to teach him a little about prayer. He looked back to see if it was okay with the other members who were in the house, and they gladly let us in. There happened to be about 6 men in the house, all unpacking their suitcases; immediately we knew they were foreigners, based on their Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses.  They had just arrived from the airport, about 30 minutes before we had showed up, but to an almost empty house - excluding the dining room table which was filled with whiskey, scotch, and all types of alcohol. Foreigners are just so receptive, haha, we got to know them a little before we offered the prayer. Turns out, they are 6 brothers from Mexico, and they do a lot of traveling, they knew all different parts of the United States and a majority of the countries here in South America. Seemed a little fishy, especially one of the brothers who had a long leather jacket, shark tooth necklaces, and a deep deep v-neck shirt. They explained they were visiting for a few days to get to know the area, and that they were heading up to Torres del Paine - really famous national park here in southern Chile - for a couple days. The trip isn't cheap, it costs about $60 a person just to enter the park. Honestly I didn't know if they were just going to pull cocaine and firearms out of their bags or what, it was bizarre. I think what sealed the deal was when they told us they worked for an"Internet business"  Knowing they looked suspicious and everything, we decided to just offer the prayer and get out of there before anything happened. We also met a club owner this week, interesting people. 

-attached is a photo of our zone, pretty sweet. I'm not sure how, but this is the only photo that I got, but at this rate, I might as well start a collection. 

Love to you all,
Elder Haddad

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