Monday, June 15, 2015

Over the Rainbow

Beautiful Rainbow

Last Monday we had an adventure. We went to Puerto Montt for the day, to a place called Angelmol. Absolutely beautiful! It was filled with all of these artisan vendors. There were hundreds and hundreds of little stores, all filled with sweaters and souvenirs of all sorts. It was a giant flea market basically. Angelmol is a little cove, with a bunch of fishing boats docked, and restaurants over the water. It reminded me a lot of Seattle, it's a spitting imagine of Pikes Place market. At the very end of the cove is a giant covered fish market. The photos can explain it way better than I could. We had a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect as well. 

The fish was caught that morning,and they were just skinning it and selling it. We ended up buying a salmon to make sushi...not my idea. But I also have never seen salmon cheaper in my life. We bought 15lbs of fresh caught salmon, for $30 USD...absolutely the cheapest and most delicious salmon I have ever tasted. Please try to find me a deal that amazing in the US. Then we fed all the salmon trimmings to the sea lions.  

This is Elder Watson, and that's how you feel after you buy an entire salmon for $2 a pound.

Had a second birthday at the Retemals. This family has become like a second family to us. We call their son, Daniel, brother. They are such amazing people, I love spending time with them. 

We also had exchanges this week. I left for Puerto Varas and we had lunch out in the campo. It was absolutely beautiful, and this picture describes Chile pretty well. 

We had a great week.  I really love the people and doing the Lord's work in this beautiful country.

Elder Haddad

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