Monday, June 29, 2015

French Toast Conversion and the Staycation

Crazy week down here, but I have some good stories to share. There's something called the natural man, and I've heard it been described as the Cookie Monster. Bless his heart, but the Cookie Monster only has one motive in life, cookies. That's kind of what the natural man is like, "I want cookies now!". The natural man wants what he wants, when he wants it, and it can basically be described as a selfish desire. And well, the natural man was working hard on me one day. All I could think about was french toast. I know what you're thinking, how is my heart in the work if my mind is always drawn to food? For this exact reason, I am weak. However, I came up with a genius plan to satisfy my desires for french toast, and apply it to the work. I call it the French Toast Conversion. 

After many minutes of pondering the delicious breakfast food, I realized that the process to make it is a lot like one of the lessons we teach. Everyone starts out as bread, there are a bunch of different types, and even in the same loaf, not one of the slices is exactly the same, just like us humans. Then the next step in the cooking process is to dunk the bread in the egg wash, and you know...that's kind of a lot like baptism. Being born again into a wet egg wash, and then getting the sweet topping of sugar and cinnamon. The sweet topping is kind of like receiving the holy ghost, it always stays with you after baptism. At this point, you are probably rolling your eyes, or maybe you're like me and your mouth has begun to water, but wait, it gets better! When our egg washed, sugar coated, bread is put onto the pan to be cooked, it is like enduring to the end, aging through this life. At the very end of this life, we have three slices of french toast, all on separate plates. The first of which is plain, the second would have peanut butter, and the third would have peanut butter and syrup. To blow your mind, this represents the three kingdoms of glory, each one sweeter and more delicious than the previous. 

We actually invited someone to baptism with this example, cooking the french toast in their house, and asking them which of the three pieces of toast would be the most delicious. The best part of the example is how it works logically. You can't enter into his kingdoms or be considered french toast without the egg wash're welcome for this tasty story. 

Also this week we had a little staycation in our house. It's super fun, its like a vacation, but you send all of your suitcases to a different town, and you live out of your carry on in your own house. How exciting! We are currently in the process of moving everything out of our house, because they are closing our sector. And because Elder Ryan and I are getting transferred, I'm going to Punta Arenas Estrecho, which is the farthest south of the farthest
south you can get. Literally the end of the world! That's why it's been a crazy week, but love you all! 

Elder Haddad 
The last photo of Elder Ryan. This is all we have in our house right now, our wood stove, our mattresses, and our sleeping bags. No food or anything haha. 

We also had a baptism this last week, this is Carlos

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