Monday, June 8, 2015

Elder Haddad Turns 19

We had a fantastic week, and thank you all for the birthday wishes. These last weeks have been filled with great laughs, good food, and fun times. This post is all the photos of the past two weeks:

Last week we did some renovating on our apartment, and installed a wood burning stove. I'm now officially Chilean. We installed the metal pipes that lead the smoke out of the house. It snakes out of the house, and goes about 10 feet in the air. So we also had to weld some type of lasso out of metal to nail to the house, to secure the tube from getting blown over by the wind. We probably broke every safety precaution that exists with ladders and hammers and welding...but´s rules right? It was installed without any injury, no need to worry! So every day we chop wood to start a fire in this little monster. It's really difficult to start, but it is really hot when it gets going. Everyone uses these to cook, most people also have a gas burning stove too. 

Chilean stove

Master Chef Elder Ryan also made some no bake cookies this week without even a recipe or measuring cups! We gave some to our landlord...or dueño

Master Chef Elder Ryan
This week we had lunch out in the campo, it took about 20 minutes to get there in a taxi. It was past Frutillar Bajo, and up in the hills. We were also on exchanges, Elder Ryan was in Puerto Varas and I was in Frutillar..and I had no idea how to get there. Somehow we managed to get there in a taxi, but we ended up having to walk halfway around the lake to find a taxi home! Elder Peterson and I got a great tour of the lake, and walked on the beach the entire way back haha. It was also sunny for about 1 hour this week...

Lago  Llanquihue

Our dueño (landlord) also gave us some kuchen, which is a German dish that is really popular here. Our dueño is such an amazing man, he chopped all of our wood, and is constantly giving us food. Honestly I think he just feels bad for us because we have nothing in our house...

Birthday breakfast - french toast with peanut butter and syrup. We also used a fresh, homemade loaf of bread. Wow the ingredients (syrup, cinnamon, and peanut butter) were hard to find. But it was so amazing. Describing this dish to people is hilarious, they have never heard of anything like it. We would tell them to dip the bread in egg mixture and put it on the stove and then to put cinnamon and sugar on grossed everyone out. Their was amazing

Birthday breakfast-French toast with peanut butter and syrup

Birthday Cake
We had a family home evening with a less active family yesterday. We walk in to see the entire table mouth fell down to the floor. I wasn´t expecting to walk into a birthday party. But wow, the Gallerdo family really made it a special day, and I feel so lucky to be here. That cake was gigantic, it feed 8 with more to take home...not to mention Hna. Gallerdo also made empanadas, so delicious! I will never forget this birthday.  
Gallerdo Family
Here we have the master himself, in the flesh. He´s trying to teach the fire who is the boss,
after failing to start it 3 times!

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