Monday, June 1, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Missionary

This was all I got from Elder Haddad for this week's email:

I had a pretty good week, time is flying down here. The weather could be better, its been really really cold, but we installed a wood burning stove in our apartment, so when its going, it is nice and warm. but its super hard to start, because there is so much air going through the tubes going down into the fire area. We are working well with the members, and seeing a lot of new people come into our teachings. I will have an email prepared for next week, but not much went on this week here, even in my personal study. I honestly don´t have anything to share, but I'm getting the hang of this whole mission thing. (Mom's note-I see he has replaced his overuse of the word "like" with the overuse of the word "but"!)

These are questions I had asked in earlier emails (in bold) and his answers:

Can you describe what your typical day like, what type of exercise do you do? 

Our schedule here is wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11, which is really nice actually. Wake up at 7, 50 push ups, 50 crunches, 25 leg lifts, stretch, run a mile. If we don't run because of the rain, I do more exercises. We then get ready and eat, and at 8;30 we have personal study for an hour, then companionship study for 2 hours, then language study for an hour, then at about 1:00 we leave for lunch. We are outside for about 6 hours a day, and usually our schedule gets pushed around in the morning because of appointments or what ever time lunch is that day. We eat lunches with members, not dinners (lunch is their main meal). It's hard because sometimes we have to take the meal back home because there is no brother member home. 

Do you have regular service opportunities?
None, nobody and I mean nobody wants strangers help here. Even if it's a 90 year old lady chopping wood, we ask everyone, but nobody accepts. 

What do the people do for fun there? 
They listen to music, soccer, and eat. 

Are there movie theaters? 
I don't think so

Have you played any soccer yet? 
We aren't allowed to because too many missionaries got hurt :( 

 Do you still remember how??? 
 - funny :P

How much do they give you to live on per month?  
$100 per month. Its honestly not that bad, but it's just tight. I've been trying to be better and smarter (with his budget), but it's hard to live off of food, toiletries, and household supplies on $100 a month, especially when the food is not any cheaper here.

What type of houses do people typically live in?
The culture here is just small houses.  People don´t want to spend anything on their homes, but everyone still wears North Face jackets and really nice clothes, and they live in a dump with no lawn, and trash everywhere. The construction here is soooo cheap, and the cost of housing is so cheap. We are paying 130,000 a month, go do a clp to usd conversion on that, but I think its like $300 a month or something (Actually it's $208.30 a month for rent). 

 Zone Conference

Missionary Selfies (yeah we're still cool!)

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