Monday, October 31, 2016

The Church is Perfect, The People Are Not

I think this is one of my favorite themes I have learned on the mission. This Sunday we had a small miracle happen, when some girl we had contacted, came to church. She showed up right on time and was waiting outside. Unfortunately, nobody had the key to the front gate of the church. We were trying to pick the lock in the mean time, but didn't have any luck. After 15 minutes, someone finally got the key. Maybe it wasn't the greatest first impression. 

Then we had our sacrament meeting. I don't know what was going on, but the person directing the meeting forgot everything but his own name. Between the long uncomfortable pauses and the unknown hymns we put a smile on so the investigator wouldn't think anything was wrong. 

Things didn't get any better in Gospel Principles class when a crazy less active lady came in a took control of the whole class, ranting about her smoking addition and how she came to know that the church was true. We were quite embarrassed after all that had happened, and told Carla, the investigator, that was everything for today. We left her with an invitation to the next ward activity, and showed her the exit to the church. 

In the last class we talked about home teaching and church cleaning. Good thing Carla had left. To our surprise, when we looked back, we saw her sitting between the sister missionaries. The sister missionaries had "saved" her from leaving and brought her back to the meeting to sit through yet another hour of church videos. 

I'm actually really happy she was able to come. Sometimes you just want everything to go perfectly and it doesn't. She really liked the church, even though it didn't exactly go according to plan. As members we are far from perfect, especially me, but we know that the doctrines, principles, values, and teachings are true. We just laughed and had a good time, we made the best out of the experience! If you can't change it, just love it!

Photos from the week: 
Parque Urbano "El Bosque" and exchanges in Corral with Elder Aguilar. 

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