Monday, October 17, 2016

A Rainy Day Story

I wanted to share a small experience that happened this week. Tuesday was a rough day, we did a lot of walking. Remember that really cool idea about teaching English in the community center, great idea...but there was a soccer game with Chile and Peru so nobody came. Insult to injury. 

So we are walking back to our house in the rain, its like 9:30. We see this guy sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Our first impression was that he was either drunk or on drugs, so we decided it would be a better idea not to talk to him. A few steps after passing him, we looked at each other and I asked Elder Jackman if we should go back. He said he was feeling the same way. So we went back. I was prepared to either help this drunk guy waddle home or call a taxi. However, as we approached this man, he got up, and we realized he wasn't drunk nor drugged out. He was just sitting there crying. We asked what had happened, he said he just felt that he should sit down and watch the rain. Now I don't know if this man was contemplating suicide, but he definitely wasn't in a healthy mental state. We testified to him that God never leaves us alone, we told him that it wasn't a coincidence that we were talking to him at that very moment. 

I had planned to share a scripture with some members for lunch, but our lunch plans were changed. I also don't think that was a coincidence. So I shared this scripture with Juan, it comes from Alma 58: 10-11. In the scripture it talks about the lord not taking away our burden, but giving us the faith and hope to overcome them. We testified that the Lord loves us and that he had sent us to talk to him. 

If there is one thing is learned it is to follow the impressions you get. They may be subtle, but it is the way the Lord communicates to us. 

Have a great week everybody! 

Elder Haddad

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