Monday, October 10, 2016


Updates for this week: 

Tuesday: There was a house that burned down right across the street from us. We saw the fire start and the clouds quickly rise up in the air. Thankfully the fire didn't spread to any nearby houses and we went by quickly after they had put the fire out and everyone was okay. 
Wednesday: Today was transfers, Elder Ballard went to Osorno and Elder Jackman is now my companion. Elder Jackman and I were kind of companions before in Ovejeria, we both were stuck without companions after the transfer because of some delays in the flights. Elder Jackman is from Orem, Utah and we both studied at BYU together. 
Thursday: Today we got approved to teach English classes in the commuity center.  We will offer the classes for free and then offer a small spiritual thought at the end. What we are excited about is that the community center is going to invite all of the people, we don't have to do anything! 
Friday: We went on exchanges with the stake presidency to do invitations. We visited so many families
Saturday/Sunday: Stake Conference. We heard some great talks, the mission president spoke, so did some ex-missionaries, and a member from the 70. 
Monday: We explored a reserve that the university protects, its called the Fundo Teja Norte. Also known as the arboretum. Photos attached. 

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