Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maria Ines and Paulina

We had an excellent week here in Ovejeria. We have worked so hard to be able to find people and we have been diligent and obedient. One of the biggest fruits I have seen on the mission is how your hard work always pays off. One of the miracles we have seen in this sector is that the people are coming out of nowhere. We almost always have had someone new investigating church, someone new for the members to get to know. About 3 months ago our ward committed to doing a nightly prayer. All the families of the ward kneel down and offer a prayer for the missionary work, so that we can find people, so that they can share the gospel, so that the people are receptive. This practice has resulted in miracles. 3 Baptisms in the last 2 months for a ward that hasn't had a baptism in 1.5 years. Everyone is excited, the missionaries, the ward, and the new investigators.

This Saturday we had a really nice baptismal service for Maria Ines and Paulina. About 8 weeks ago we found them knocking doors. We did a simple contact and set up a return appointment in the house of a member. They showed up for an activity at the member’s house and from then on we have been working with them to help them prepare for baptism. The Delgado family has helped so much with their conversion and also our ward mission leader Orlando.

Elder Haddad

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