Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Never knock pink houses

We had a fun experience yesterday while leaving with a member. I think during my whole mission I have never met anyone normal who lives in a pink house. I have nothing against pink, nor the people that live in houses that are pink, but my observation is that they are usually pretty strange. Yesterday we knocked a door and a man comes out smiling with his mom. He asks if we had come to preach the word. He was in luck, we were knocking his door for that very purpose. The man then went guns blazing with bible bashing.

As missionaries we don't fight other religions. We state our testimonies firmly with the conviction that we know in our hearts it is true. The man decided to leave us with a prayer. He put his hands on my chest and begged the Lord to save my soul. My companion and the member who came out with us bit their tongues as the man raised his voice in prayer. 

I know why I left on a mission. I know that the church has been restored. I know it, I know that God knows it, and I know that it is true. 

We went to New Port beach (Puerto Nuevo) to do a BBQ with Elder Ballard and Elder Cabrera. 
We caught a crab
This really purple smoothie I made using a berry that is called Maqui, its a native berry that is only found in this part of south america. It turns everything bright purple. 

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