Monday, January 9, 2017


Alright, this sector may just be the coolest yet.

I wanted to update everyone about the people we are teaching. This week we spent a bunch of time tracting, trying to find new people. Contact after contact, door after door, we weren't finding anybody. We had all kinds of teaching appointments planned, but one by one they all fell. We were feeling pretty defeated, we had left with so many members, but we weren't really seeing any fruits from our works. Like it says in the scriptures, only after the trial of our faith does the Lord bless us. So we planned some really spiritual lessons to share with the members, and it worked. We got two members who invited their friends to church, and they came! 

I am really reminded of how I got to know the church. It wasn't because the missionaries had knocked my door, it was a member who invited me. Members are the best source of finding new people because their simple example of living the gospel calls so much attention. Have a great week everybody, here are some photos of Elder Merhcen and I! 

Elder Haddad

A normal size lunch with the mamita...

In front of the church

Elder Merchen and I in Puerto Nuevo (there is also a Newport Beach here in La Union)

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