Monday, August 29, 2016

The Secret to Success

Alright, this email comes from something I was studying in the Book of Mormon. Something that really called my attention was a story that I never really understood. I remember when I was investigating the church and the missionaries asked me to read the Book of Mormon, I started from the beginning and it was going great. There was some guy named Nephi, he had some cool stories with his family, he built a ship, he crossed the sea, etc. I didn't understand everything, but I understood some of it. But then I got to this one chapter, Jacob 5, and I didn't understand anything at all. Something about a vineyard, and grafting branches, and burning things. The story is a metaphor that talks about how the Lord never gives up on his children. He worked diligently with his servants, even though his vineyard was not producing fruit. 

This week we saw the same thing in our sector. We worked and worked and worked, but we did not see anything really changing. In the story the Lord asks, what more could I have done? At the end of the day we asked ourselves, what more could we have done? 

The secret of success is being patient and working with diligence. After reading this story like 10 times I finally am understanding what the Lord requires of his servants and what he feels for us. Success will come, that I am sure of! 

With Love,
Elder Haddad

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