Monday, August 22, 2016

Regional, Valdivia

Wow, what a transfer! This transfer I haven´t given very many updates about what we have been doing. The reason is because there have been so many changes. In the beginning of the transfer I was in Rahue Bajo in a trio with Elde Shobe and Elder Perkes. Then I moved over to Camino Real with Elder Mendoza for 4 weeks. On Tuesday this last week, I got another call, and I  was told to pack my bags again, to head to Valdivia. My new companions were going to be Elder Komenda and Elder Ballard.  3 sectors, 3 different trios, 5 weeks. Elder Komenda ended this mission, so now I'm finally just with Elder Ballard.  

I'm now in Valdivia with my new companion Elder Ballard, he´s from Las Vegas. Valdivia is famous for the rain, but this week we got a little more than rain. It started hailing, which apparently isn't normal at all. Attached is a video that I took of the hail. It was the first time I have ever seen weather this crazy. We also had a baptism this Saturday, which was really cool. Camilia got baptized by her boyfried Julio. I'm in the ward called Regional and it is a really cool ward, especially because we are close to the university austral of Validiva. Which means we have a lot of students in our ward. We have a lot of investigators that are also college students. Its like the closest thing I could imagine to serving in a young singles adult ward. I'm really excited for these next weeks. We have some warmer weather in sight and Elder Ballard and I are working really hard in finding all the people we can. 

I remembered something my mom always told me, "Go with the flow." That was really the theme for this last month. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy where you are. Enjoy who you are with. 

Have a great week everybody!  


Elder Haddad

 (I was unable to load the video onto this blog)

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