Monday, April 18, 2016

Chilean culure in 10 points

10 things that describe Chile.
  1. The Chilean chin
  2. Hot pockets (empanadas) and hotdogs (completos)
  3. 35 years old and still at home
  4. Dropping the suffix "po" at the end of every word
  5. Saying "Alo" and "Chao"
  6. Milk comes in a box...unrefrigerated
  7. PDA has no limits here
  8. It´s breakfast, lunch, "once", dinner
  9. Soda, lots and lots and lots of soda.
  10. Buying cigarettes individually, because you can't afford the entire pack
This week I compiled a list of all the things that I thought described Chile. I might have to explain a couple though. I love this culture in how unique and friendly the people are, however, these have been the most striking differences between the US and Chilean culture that I have seen.

Starting with number 1, everyone has a double chin. I didn’t notice this until recently, but that is the mark of the Chileans, the double chin. Now I do not mean this offensively, but that is simply the consequences of having a diet based on bread, fried bread, and bread with hot sauce.

Number 2, though you will find a fast food cart or restaurant on every corner, they all sell the same thing. Empanadas, which I would call hotpockets, and completos, which are hotdogs with avocado.

Number 3, the idea of being 18 and not living with your parents is crazy. When I turned 18 I saw college as my only escape to the endless embarrassment that came from my parents. I bounced, but here, they like living with mom and dad until 30ish.

Numbers 4 and 5, the people here are proud to say that they speak Castillano and not Spanish. The Chilean culture is filled with words that don't make any sense in other places.

Number 6, I’m not sure how, but milk comes in a box and it does not go in the fridge. They have discovered some super cow here or something.

Number 7, public display of affection is what PDA stands for. Now in a country where the culture is to kiss instead of shake hands, the affection you see in public is often taken to a greater level as kissing has been so normalized.

Number 8 and 9 what you will always find on the table is bread and coca-cola.

Number 10 is pretty funny I think, they will sell you anything here. People stand on the street selling Band-Aids, selling toilet paper, and even selling charcoal. You can buy a 10 pack of toilet paper on every corner in downtown Osorno.
And there you have it. 

Now I did not write this with any intention to offend anyone, I love the Chilean culture and I love this people. I enjoy the differences we have in our culture and the laughs that come from culture barriers.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Haddad

Photo of the week, Elder Wertner, me, Elder Linton, and Elder Jarman. 
These are the other Elders here in Overjeria 

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