Monday, February 22, 2016

Work hard, Obey with exactness

Miracles, miracles, miracles. Man we have worked hard this last week and we have really seen some fruits. Pure miracles. We have people coming out of nowhere wanting to get to know the church. When I got into Ovejeria everyone just said you will be teaching less active people who don't really want anything. I´ve kind of heard that in all of my sectors, welcome to your new sector, don't expect to baptize. We put in the faith, the sacrifice, the hard work, and we have seen the fruits. My companion and I set some goals, put in the time, and we were obedient. We just opened up a new sector and now we had 3 people come to church this Sunday. I am often reminded of the words that Elder Kerby (the missionary that taught me the lessons when I was investigating the church) wrote on a tie he gave to me, "work hard, obey with exactness." I love this work! 

Elder Haddad

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