Monday, September 7, 2015

Taking Pictures with Dead People

Over the past couple of weeks I have really been thinking about everything that I have learned on the mission. A talk that is given to every missionary in our zone has really made me think, its called the Fourth Missionary. It talks about the changes that missionaries experience, and considering that so far my mission has been everything that I didn't expect, I've definitely had to change a lot. It talks about two ways of changing, either deliberately or accidentally. You either decide who you want to become, or you just float through, becoming whatever life makes of you. But whatever you become accidentally, will never be a full measure of your potential. The only way to reach a full measure of your potential is giving your heart and your will to the Lord, for those are the only two things he doesn't already have. It's something hard that I've learned but something so rewarding. 

The title of the email is referring to our pass through the cemetery this week. Turns out it´s one of the nicest in the world, and it´s taking up a huge part of our little sector. But enjoy the photos! 

Elder Haddad

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