Monday, September 21, 2015

September 18

 We had quite a fun week, especially because September 18th was Chile´s independence day. We had a big BBQ, played some soccer and ping pong , and ate a lot of delicious empanadas. I probably ate too much, but hey, we walk a lot in this sector haha. It´s been a crazy week here, not much happened in good old Estrecho, but we had a tsunami warning because of the earthquake in Santiago. Living 5 houses down from the coast did not become so desirable anymore. Thankfully nothing happened. 

In other news, the Falkland Islands are being added to our mission. Some missionaries here in Punta Arenas left to go check it out. Apparently it´s a Britannic country where they speak English, and it just so happens that there are like 10 members there. It´s kind of like Easter Island, from what I understood, but it´s to the left of Argentina. 

However in better news, I found a graffitied spongebob and took a picture with it, and also ate the most delicious sandwich in the world on an exchange with the zone leader Elder      
LLancoñanco (I don´t think you could pronounce his name correctly). 

Have a good week!
Elder Haddad
 What Punta Arenas looks like on a nice day. Picture from the Stake Center. 
 Dancing the national dance called the cueca

 Bobesponga (sounds way cooler in Spanish!)
You always have to pig out on exchanges, you can´t tell but that sandwich is about the size of your face. 

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