Thursday, April 2, 2015

The story of Tim Itri and Kay Dan

This week we got the opportunity to become fake investigators. We got to make our own profiles and then another companionship in our district practiced teaching us. Elder Nielsen and I came up with the diabolical profiles of Tim Itri and Kay Dan (Elder Nielsen's first name is Kaden). I was playing the role of Kay and Elder Nielsen playing the role of Tim. We wanted to make it hard on the Hermana's who were teaching us, so we picked a really creative occupation for our profile. We were both drug lords who sold cocaine to suppliers. We also had to come up with a reason as to why we wanted to meet with the missionaries. And Elder Nielsen and I decided we would take our profiles a step further and pretend that we were investigating the church because we were interested in the idea of polygamy. There were no restrictions to who we could be, so we just let the creative and evil juices flow. 

Now, even though our profiles were completely a joke, we had one rule: we had to stick to the profile during the entire lesson. As the Hermana's began to find out about our occupation and interests, they began to see that it wasn't going to be easy to teach the restoration of the gospel to two cocaine drug lords. We had some pretty good laughs in the lesson, it was hard to keep a straight face. We developed our profiles further that we had tried to sell cocaine to someone who declined our invitation because they were a member of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", we told the Hermanas that we were curious as to why such a large population was refusing our business. They pressed us with difficult questions, and regarding a question as to if we had seen God in our lives, we came up with the story that Tim had momentarily died from a drug overdose, and he saw a vision in which the Lord told him that it wasn't his time to go yet. As the feelings of guiltiness and regret began to set in, we eased up a bit. But tonight, the Hermana's have to teach Tim and Kay again, we will see how it goes. Anyway, you never know who you're going to meet on the street, so it's good practice. 
Now just a couple updates: 

Branch Presidency

  • This is our final week in the MTC, and it's getting pretty empty here. Last Sunday, which was a fast Sunday (meaning we fast for two meals for the purpose of donating the money we would of used for the needy) and we all got to share our testimonies. It didn't take very long considering we only had 10 people in the room. All 8 members of our district and 2 members of our branch presidency. It was probably the fastest sacrament meeting I had been in. And for our Priesthood lesson, Elder Jensen and Elder Crockett, taught Elder Nielsen and I....It was an interesting experience, but it was our last Sunday here at the MTC.  It was definitely tough to say goodbye to our presidency. 

Branch Presidency

  • We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Mexico, 75 degrees and sunny skies, with the occasion freak rain storm. We spent a lot of this week playing beach volleyball or dreaming about our missions. 
  • This week in TRC we taught a real investigator, she had taken 2 lessons from the missionaries, and honestly it was one of Elder Nielson and I's greatest lessons. The spirit was so powerful and we taught her about prophets and committed her to watch general conference. Without a doubt, I know she will get baptized. We had a member with us during the lesson to make sure we didn't mess stuff up too bad, because her salvation like actually deepened on it. The member told us that that was one of the best lessons he has heard missionaries teach in the MTC, and he said it makes him want to bring in more real investigators for the missionaries to practice. 
    Mexico City Temple



 These two photos are of the Mexico City Temple, which we got to visit today. It is a really high tech temple. However, we only got to go the visitors center because the temple is closed for construction.                                                                                      

Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center

  • We will be watching general conference here at the MTC, which I am really excited about

  • Elder Nielsen and I are leaving Monday at 4:00, we are flying from Mexico to Santiago Chile, which is an 8 hour flight, then we have a 7 hour layover and are flying directly from Santiago to Osorno. This time next week I will be in Chile!                             With love,                               Elder Haddad     
This is our morning teacher, Hermana Valesquez, she is fantastic and has a lot of patience for us

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