Monday, April 20, 2015

Chilly in Chile

Many adventures were had this week in Fruitillar. Many miles walked, many rain drops fallen, many fleas contracted :(, many cold nights spent, many "hola"'s shot down, but no spirits were weakened. The work is moving steadily along, this week we worked really really hard to find some new people. Not too much luck was had, but we have a lot of potential people. 

Highlight of this week was a drunk man we met named Diego, who sang us a song, cried, danced with a dog, and kissed Elder Ryan's hand about 100 times. 

This Sunday I also got to teach a gospel principles class in Spanish about the life of the Savior. The class didn't have a teacher, so I volunteered, and winged a 20 minute lesson on the earthly ministry of Christ, in front of the other missionaries, and members of the stake presidency. Not too bad for some gringo!

Lots of pictures this week of Fruitillar and the food here, it's so amazing. We really enjoyed this week, and next week I will have plenty more updates. The work is steadily moving along here. 

Love to you all,
Elder Haddad

These are some of the homes in Fruitillar Bajo, super pretty, and there is a huge German influence down there. Everything is in Spanish and German. It's actually really interesting.

We found this little German shop down by the beach, that sells all these alpaca sweaters, socks and mittens, everything they make is hand made! 
This is the theatre on the beach, it's the biggest in South's ridiculous. 

My first was amazing, it puts hot dogs in the US to shame. 
                   This is the view from Fruitillar Bajo.
If it wasn't foggy there would be a gigantic unreal volcano right there.


  1. We are Elder Ryan's parents. Thank you for posting Elder Haddad's amazing letters! He is a gifted writer. It's fun to see a different perspective in the same experiences. our son already loves your elder. We have been following Elder Haddad's blog ever since it came up on the Osorno blog site and we are so impressed by him. Looking forward to hearing about their adventures.

  2. P.S. elder Ryan's blog is (It's always nice to be able to
    Blog-stalk and find info and pictures!) feel free to take any you see!

    1. Thanks for the info! I will be checking out Elder Ryan's blog as well.
      Elder Haddad's mom Joni (I'm on my son's computer)