Tuesday, September 20, 2016

18 de Septiembre 2016

Well this last week was pretty crazy. The 18 and 19 passed which are the biggest party holidays here in Chile. Yesterday EVERYTHING was shut down and that's why I'm writing today.

Well yesterday we went to a little town called Niebla and we had a HUGE BBQ with two elders and a member over there. IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FOOD! We ate like more than 9 pounds of meat together... Oh my it was a lot! The best part of the 18 of September is that the holiday never ends. It goes on to the 19th so that people have a day to recover and there is even a mini holiday at the end of the month once everyone gets paid. 

I also wanted to share a spiritual experience that happened this week. Yesterday we went to go and teach a family that had recently gotten baptized. As we were sharing our message, Hermana Ruth shared her testimony of her conversion. She talked about having a heart attack when she lived up in Santiago. They lived in the country side so there wasn't a lot of medical help. She made it to the doctor, but the heart attack had caused such severe damage that she wasn't guaranteed a very long life expectancy. The therapy was hard and she really wasn't getting any better.  Her daughter asked if she could send the missionaries to do a health blessing, but she was hesitant. She then had a stroke and she hadn't eaten or drank anything in days. The missionaries came to give her a blessing. As she listened to the words of the blessing she felt something leave her body. She miraculously recovered from her stroke and since then has not had any major health problems. Listening to Hermana Ruth{s testimony really showed the power of the priesthood and the power that God has put for us here on Earth. Miracles happen. 

Elder Haddad

​Ward activity for the 18th

​Photo with Bishop​

​The beach in Nielba​

​The BBQ with Elder Brogdon and Elder Molina​

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