Monday, March 7, 2016

Eating Armadillos

This week one of the members showed us their stuffed's an armadillo. 

We had an excellent week here in the sector.  What I really love about Overjería is that it is so peaceful and honestly beautiful. It goes from swamp to river to forest to plains to suburbs. This has been one of my favorite sectors and we have been blessed greatly by the Lord. About 5 weeks ago we found someone helping with some service. His name was Rodolfo and we helped him enter his wood (everyone in the south of Chile uses wood to heat their homes, so you buy the wood and they dump it on your porch, then you have to enter it in the house). We helped Rodolfo and then shared a little message with him. He was extremely interested and told us to come back the following week. We came back the following week and talked with his wife, however, Rodolfo had disappeared for several days. We thought it a bit strange, he had quit his job and taken all of his belongings and left the house. His wife Rosa was taking it pretty rough, so visited her for about a week to see if we could help her through this trial with the the gospel of Jesus Christ. She prayed that Rodolfo would come back, and though my conscious told me he was long gone, I couldn't help but admire her faith. 

Well he came back, 12 days later. Out of money, out of clothes, destroyed shoes. I don´t know what happened to this man for the last 12 days. When we knocked the door again and we saw him come out the door my heart dropped a little. I couldn't believe it. Rodolfo has now received almost all of the missionary lessons, he has come to church 3 times, and is the smartest and most prepared investigator I have ever taught. He understands that the Lord saved him from hitting rock bottom, and now wants to turn his life around. He demonstrates real intent and faith by always studying the lessons and coming prepared. Elder Shobe and I are very excited for Rodolfo, we are so grateful to of been there to pick him up from rock bottom and push him along. He has hit the ground running, he is a testimony to me and to our entire ward of the power of this gospel. 

Photos of Rodolfo to come. 
Attached photos are of an abandoned house we found and our little trip out to the campo. Some dog just started following us along the way...

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Haddad

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