Monday, October 19, 2015

El Diablo

This is the story of Juan, El Diablo. 

Once upon a time, two missionaries were looking for a store to make photo copies. They innocently stumbled upon a corner store, nestled in a neighborhood of suburban houses. Upon entering the store, the owner and worker announced himself as Juan, el Diablo. The missionaries were caught off guard, and laughing it off, politely asked the man if he was able to make a photo copy. To which the old man responded "sschol, losh kibish, slrews." Then the missionaries were really confused, and sensing something was wrong they laughed lightly. The man then commanded his dog not to eat the missionaries, but was interrupted by new customers entering the store. Upon the entry of more people into the store, Diablo, introduced the missionaries as servants of the devil. After all of the jokes, he gave the missionaries free photocopies and gave them some free candy. That´s how it all started with Juan, El Diablo, and now we get free photo copies whenever we want. Attached is a photo of this legendary man. 

This week I also got the chance to talk in church. Elder Weyand and I both, actually. I chose a theme of home teaching, and focused on the conversion story of my mom. Quoting a scripture in Lucas (Luke)15:4, that search for the one lost sheep was just as important as the other 99. We also had investigators at church today, two kids of a less active lady that we had found the week before. She had not come to church in 20 years, and she said that she had felt greatly touched by my talk. It doesn´t matter how far away you have fallen from the path, there is always a way back. 

With Love, 
Elder Haddad

El Diablo

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