Monday, May 18, 2015

Under the Weather

This week we got quite a bit of rain here. On Tuesday, we decided to do another round of exchanges. This time, Elder Peterson, the other zone leader, was going to come to Fruitilar. That means that I would have to take charge for Tuesday. I know my way around, but I don't know street names very well. I also wasn't feeling so well either. My throat had been swollen and burning for the previous couple of days, and I felt like I had strep throat. My tonsils were swollen and with red dots in the back of my throat. Not too fun when you're in a different country, just wishing you could know what to do. We have a mission nurse, but her hours were already up for that day. To be honest, I felt like a zombie, but something was different. Though I was falling asleep every step, the second we talked with someone or sat down with an investigator, I felt fine. I felt like I had all the strength I needed, and that my sickness was left outside. There is something I learned this week, through earnest prayer, and faith, we will receive strength from the Lord. Honestly, that is something I never would have believed in. I didn't have the physical strength to accomplish the work, but there was something pushing me, something that was loosening my tongue and the words came out. When we walked out of our appointments, back on to the street, my voice was horse and I could barely swallow.It truly is amazing what physical limitations and weaknesses we can surpass with the help from the Lord. 

I made sure to get plenty of rest the following day, I quickly got the medication I needed, and within a days rest, I was somehow okay. I honestly don't know what I had, but it had all the symptoms of strep throat but not as severe. But fear not, earnest email readers, I am okay. However, when Elder Peterson left to go back to Puerto Varas (on exchanges, they spend the night too) he accidentally took our cell phone. So we were without a phone, which makes everything a lot more difficult. We couldn't confirm our lunch appointment, nor contact any of our district. The phone was in Puerto Varas, and we had no way to contact the zone leaders. Eventually after 2 days it got passed down to some random member of our ward, and we finally got back on track. 

In our district, we focus a lot on using our gifts and talents. We were required to make a list of our talents and such, and see how we use them each week. This week, I was able to use my knowledge of wrestling superstars to spark some interest in some less active members. We were invited into a house where they were playing some wrestling video game. We talked for a while with the two teenagers, and asked if we could share a spiritual thought. We talked about exercising faith, and with boredom on their faces and glossy eyes, they nodded their heads in agreement. Then I asked them, if they would be able to win in a fight against Randy Orton, if they fought tonight. They laughed, and didn't take it too seriously, but then we talked about it a little more. If you trained for years, and worked each day to become physically more prepared, you might actually have a chance. Then I related it to faith. We have to exercise our faith to become spiritually stronger, just as we would exercise our body to become physically stronger.

Success of the week: 
Baptized someone
Finished the book Jesus the Christ
Wrote a rap

Love to all,
Elder Haddad

A Pretty Church in Puerto Varas
The pier from Fruitillar Bajo 
I baptized someone this week! This is Hermano Luis, he's not actually our investigator, but he chose me to baptize him. Honestly, I was really surprised, he loves to talk about the USA.

Wrote a rap

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