Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flacito: The MTC Vegetable


Another successful week at the MTC. Between our many hours of learning and teaching, we get the opportunity to teach real people. It's an activity called TRC where we have volunteers come in from Mexico City. We don't know anything about these people, whether they are members or just random people they pulled off the streets. So because these are real people, we get a good diversity of nice and crazy people. 

Last week, my companion and I taught over a skype call (don't teach over skype). It was a guy who lived in Salt Lake, probably 25 or so, and his name was Victor. Because of the difficulty in understanding each other over Skype, Victor never caught my name. After each lesson, the volunteer gives us some commentary on how we did. He awarded me the nickname Flacito, which means small skinny one. Due to the angle of the camera in the really tiny room that we were teaching in, my companion took up the entire screen, and you could barely see me. We had a great laugh and the nickname stuck. 

The MTC is a fantastic place to learn, but it's a lot like a boot camp. The strictness and exactness allows for a better learning environment, but it really drains your energy. The longer you are here, the more sluggish and lethargic you get. Weeks ago I could actually remember what music sounded like, but now the MTC amnesia has taken over. Like zombies we march to class each morning, silently as the only thing we have to talk about is what we ate for breakfast. Food is our favorite topic of conversation, and dreaming about food that we left behind. The most common response to when someone asks you "How's it going?" or "What's up?" is a groan. The food gets to you here. Kids drink Pepto Bismol like its Pepsi cola. My Immodium sells like drugs on the black market. But thankfully I have kept my sanity, thanks to the help of my fantastic district. This week I have a little profile for each person. These are the people I spend 14 hours a day with, 10 of which are in class. 

Elder Crockett 

Elder Crockett:

Crockpott is by far the most dedicated and studious 
person in our district. Elder Crockett and I have really similar personalities and we are able to get along and agree on just about anything. He's from Lake Tapps, Washington and is called to serve in Flagstaff, Arizona. Elder Crockett is a great example for us all and is secretly hilarious, he is a really faithful guy. 

Elder Jensen
Elder Jensen: 

Loud and proud from Rupard, Idaho, Elder Jensen is called to serve in the Farmington, New Mexico Mission, meaning he gets the privilege of learning Navajo because a majority of his mission is also on the reservations. He is a fantastic leader and has unshakable faith, he is selfless and always seeks the needs of others. He has some crazy stories from football, and has been awarded the nickname of Papi Grande. 

Hermana Judy

Hermana Judy: 

A sweet spirit nonetheless, shes pretty quiet, but is super sarcastic with her jokes. She constantly testifies that if she does all she can, the language will come to her. Hermana Judy is a diligent and hard worker, and she has grown tremendously in the last month. There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. I really like Hermana Judy, shes from Ashton, Idaho and is so nice, she always has a smile on her face. 

Hermana Erickson
Hermana Erickson: 

Serving in Flagstaff, Arizona mission, she has all the qualities of a mom. Elder Nielsen even calls her mom because she always scolds him and takes away his toys. Hermana Erickson has such a burning desire to be here, she has a tremendous amount of faith and never doubts her ability. She's from Boise, Idaho, goes to BYU-Idaho, and guess what, her Dad is in the 70's. No big deal. She has such a great attitude and loves and strengthens her companion in ever way she can.  

Hermana Gould

Hermana Gould: 

Hermana Gould is from Fresno, California! Even though she is the sass master, we still get along really well. She is fantastic at Spanish and really works hard. She goes to BYU-Idaho, and we both love to roll our eyes whenever Elder Nielsen goes on a rant about something. I feel like we were friends before we met. She is also attentive, polite, courteous, and caring. 

Hermana Hudson

  Hermana Hudson:

A smart, humble, sweet girl. She knows a lot of Spanish, and she even keeps a quote book of hilarious stuff that happens in class. She reminds me a lot of my sister, except we don't fight, it's great. She is leaving for Little Rock, Arkansas. Hermana Hudson will undoubtedly love the people where she is serving. She is faithful, humble, and you can really see the Lord through her eyes. 

Elder Nielsen: 

Last but not least, my companion. From Clinton, Utah and serving in Osorno with me. Elder Nielsen's skills include voice impersonations, story telling, snowboarding, and catching skittles in his mouth. I asked him to take a serious photo and this is what I got. 

Love to you all,

Elder Haddad

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